Harvest time near Brailes. £99

Looking across from Winderton towards St George's church in Brailes

Harvest time near Brailes. Oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99


Uncle Bob

Today's painting, my uncle Bob. Everyone should have an uncle Bob like this man!

Uncle Bob, watercolour


Rainbow Reflections. (£99) without frame

A painting from February this year, just thought in the frame it was worth showing you again.

Rainbow Reflections, Oil, £99, comes without frame


View across the Plot. Oil. £99

The allotment plots in the UK are at their fullest at the moment...

View across the plot. oil. 6 x 8 inches £99


Cotswold Thatch (£99)

Honey coloured stone cottages in the Cotswolds

Cotswold Thatch. Oil. 6x8  inches £99


Approaching rain over Brailles Hill (£99)

Harvest time in the UK now and following a sunny Summer the farmers are dodging the showers to gather their crops.

Approaching rain over Brailles Hill. oil. 6x8 ins. £99


November on the river Blythe. (£99) does not come with frame

We have been enduring a very wet and windy day here in the UK today, apparently the remains of hurricane Bertha which has drifted over from the USA, I wonder how it affected Southwold harbour, seen here on another wet and windy day from last year.

November on the river Blythe. Oil. £99 (without frame)

November on the river Blythe. Oil. 8x6 inches


The Shambles in York. (£99)

The Shambles in York in the north of England, so called because of its bloody past!

The Shambles in York. oil. 6 x 8 inches £99


Path through the sunflowers

Looks like a very good year for sunflowers, in most allotments and gardens I see there's always a good showing of these bold uninhibited blooms!

Path through the sunflowers. Oil. £99. 6x 8 inches


Crabbing at Swanage. (£99)

My favourite seaside town where I spent a fun day wandering round with the easel before giving in and taking a plunge!

Crabbing at Swanage. Oil. 5 x 10 £99


Field of Summer. (£99)

There are some of these in the garden at the moment!

Field of Summer. Oil. 6x8 inches. £99