Across the Avon at Stratford. £99

Memories of a very warm summer in Stratford upon Avon. Should I have left the bus out of the picture or not?

Across the Avon at Stratford. oil. 6 x 8 inches. £99


A stroll through Swalcliffe. £99

I liked this busy little composition of buildings as the late afternoon sun drifted across them, another I think for a much larger work later in the studio.

A stroll through Swalcliffe. £99


Oatley Hill. £99

I spent almost all day on a small commission, but managed to complete this quick little sketch the image of which in days to come I hope, I'll be able to use for a much larger painting.

Oatley Hill. Oil. 6 x 8 inches. £99


Late Light, Swalcliffe, £99

I hope you had a lovely Festive time and are looking forward to a good 2015. My workshops started again today and this is the demo I made, my approach is to demo in stages, after each the painters go and work that far and then I do the next and so on until the final stage when I place all the fine details and highlights (the jewellery as some painters call it). It was a bit of a rush today I only spent about 15 minutes on this because I want everyone else to paint! But a bit of tightening up and tidying later at home and thats it.

Late Light, Swalcliffe. Oil, £99


Winter Sunset in Sibford. £99

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I guess Christmas Eve in days gone by would often look like this? It's actually a deluge of snow which fell in February 2009.

Winter Sunset in Sibford. Oil, 6 x 8 inches £99


Shadows across the Orchard. £99

Continuing with the snow theme, this is another wild and kind of bold painting of the orchard back in France. The passages I enjoy in this painting the most are those in the trees and foliage where brushmarks are free and expressive, I do realise though that a balance with the more quiet areas is essential to make it work.

Shadows across the Orchard.
£99, if you'd like this please use the link below to email me.


Snow on the Malverns. £99

The gorgeous Malvern Hills reduced to an almost monochrome palette under a bright blue sky.

Snow on the Malverns. OIL. £99


Snow Shadows. £99

It looks like we won't be seeing snow through our windows this Christmas - if you're disappointed with that news have a look at the following emails I'll send, I'll be painting some snow with an emphasis on bold loose brushwork, and this year I am determined to move more towards abstraction.

Snow Shadows, oil, 6x8 inches £99


Robin Hood's Bay £99, without frame

An alternative view of Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire, it began as yesterday's workshop demo and I finished it last night. I plonked it in the heavy frame which I like as it emphasises the strong bold colours in the painting.

Oil 6 x 8 inches, For sale for £99 (without frame)


November Light in Taddy. £99

Tuesday's workshop demo after a bit of fiddling with detail back in the studio, something I always tell everyone NOT to do!

November Light in Taddy
Oil 6 x 8 inches, For sale for £99


Last Roses

I spent a few days in my house in France and was surprised to see the front of the building was still covered in red Roses! must be the third flowering this year!

Last Roses. £99
Oil 8 x 6 inches


Bonds End Lane

Late sunny afternoon along 'Bonds End Lane' now there's a name! I've tried to find out the derivasion of this name without any luck

Bonds End Lane
Oil 10 x 8 inches