La Vieille Maison.

In just over a week I'll be putting up my big solo expo at Swalcliffe Village Hall, very excited this year about revealing 28 semi abstract acrylic paintings! The watercolours are done and ready to frame so there's still lots to do. This one was painted yesterday and is of an old house in the village I lived in when in france.

La Vieille Maison
watercolour 12 x 16 inches


Summer in Honfleur.

I'm back at the farm now after a week in France and busy working towards the expo in May, it looks like along with the new abstract-ish work there will be quite a few trademark watercolours, beginning with this of Honfleur...

Summer in Honfleur. Watercolour, 16 x 12 inches


The Farm Track

So I'm enjoying the challenge of the new semi-abstract landscapes! And having fun in the process.

The Farm Track. Acrylic, 12 x 16 inches


Blue Sails in Whitby. (£475)

I've been getting used to my new studio on the farm over the past couple of weeks and enjoying daily activity though the window. The new space enables me to work on some semi-abstract paintings for an upcoming exhibition in May - a new approach and I'm loving the challenge!

This is a large oil from last year of the Whitby yacht club as they get organised for a mornings outing.

Blue Sails in Whitby. Oil, 12 x 16 inches £475


Red Apple in Still Life. £99

This is the demonstration from today's workshop, we've been working on colour and using a limited palette of just blue red and yellow, plus white, quite a challenge but everyone did a very fine job.

Red Apple in Still Life. OIL, 6x 8 inches £99




Old tin candle saucer, (£99)

Beginning to enjoy these still life's, just as well really as it's pretty cold outside!

Old tin candle saucer. oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99


Enamel Pot and Clementines. (£99)

I found this little blue enamel pot in a Vide-grenier in a small village back in France, I'm sure you'll be seeing it again in the weeks to come.

Enamel Pot and Clementines. OIL. 6 x8 ins. £99


Clementine and Tin Pot. (£99)

Appologies for the long time away, I have finally sold my little house in France and am in the middle of readjustment and change, but desperate to get back into the 'zone' of painting regularly. This is a little still life with objects I brought back with me.

Clementine and Tin Pot. OIL, £99


Across the Avon at Stratford. £99

Memories of a very warm summer in Stratford upon Avon. Should I have left the bus out of the picture or not?

Across the Avon at Stratford. oil. 6 x 8 inches. £99


A stroll through Swalcliffe. £99

I liked this busy little composition of buildings as the late afternoon sun drifted across them, another I think for a much larger work later in the studio.

A stroll through Swalcliffe. £99